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Find Key Insights Quickly with Three Popular Visualizations

Bedrock Founder & CEO Will Salcido walks you through the Bedrock platform's most used data visualizations.

Bedrock customers all have their favorite data visualizations, but these three are consistently used among our most successful customers, who utilize them to assess category conditions, measure product performance over time, and capitalize on market opportunities:

  • Product Comparison: Direct product comparisons are the fastest way to determine your strengths and weaknesses in a given market or channel.
  • Change vs. Year Ago: Measure sales performance over the past 52 weeks to highlight critical trends, positive or negative, relevant to your organization.
  • Opportunity Gap: Discover viable opportunities within retail markets, based on price point, ingredients, or some other relevant consumer trend.

These are among the many Bedrock features that enable us to transform the CPG data game, and level the playing field for CPG manufacturers of all sizes.

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