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Bedrock Demo Webinar: How to Identify a Risk of Discontinuation

Watch this webinar with Bedrock Co-Founder & CEO Will Salcido to understand how to spot and defend against the risk of product discontinuation.

In the post-COVID world of CPG sales, retail buyers are relying on data more than ever to decide which brands and products get their valuable shelf space, and they're not as willing as gamble on smaller brands with less history of proven sales performance.

Understanding your data is more important than ever for maintaining, and growing, your market share. 

Watch this webinar for everything you need to know about using data to defend against discontinuation:

  • the considerations that go into buyers' decision making processes
  • how panel data can help you, and where CPGs of all sizes can acquire it 
  • understanding 80/20 Principle, power rankings, SKU rationalization and much more

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