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Selling Remotely is Becoming the New Normal for CPG Brands  

Bedrock Founder & CEO Will Salcido explains how to engage your audience through a screen, and how to present data in a way that helps your brand shine.

Much of the business world has become comfortable with the notion of video conferencing & e-meetings (Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc.) and it's time CPG caught up.

CPG sales managers are traveling less — if it's not corporate travel bans during a global health crisis, it's budget cuts and efficiency practices within cost-conscious business organizations. Yet sales must continue to grow.

Bedrock can help arm CPG brands with the data visualizations and presentations that help them put their best foot forward in a video conference setting. We also know a thing or two about selling remotely, which can be an entirely different experience from the traditional in-person sales presentations that are so common in the CPG industry. 

Let Bedrock help you get up to speed with how to pitch your CPG brand through video conferencing platforms — complete & submit the form to watch this educational webinar presentation!