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Bedrock Bootcamp: An Overview of the Bedrock Platform

Bedrock Founder & CEO Will Salcido provides a guided tour of the Bedrock platform's basic functionalities, and some key examples of the software's powerful visualizations.

With the launch of Bedrock Analytics' Free Trial, we've seen a flood of new users test-driving the software. This installment of the Bedrock demo webinar series focuses on the basics of navigating the platform, and the ease with which users can manipulate their data within the platform.

So if you're new to Bedrock, or thinking about giving our 45-Day Trial a spin, or have never really performed any deep dives into your CPG scan data and are curious about what's hiding in there, this is a great place to start. 

Join Bedrock's Will Salcido as he walks you through getting started with the only analytics & insights platform purpose-built for CPGs — complete & submit the form to watch the webinar now!