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Selling Stories You Can Use Right Now 

Turn raw data into clear storytelling visualizations. 

Despite the ready availability of retail scan data available to CPG companies of all sizes from data syndicators and retail portals, most small and mid-sized CPG companies feel that they don't have enough data to compete against larger companies.

In reality, it's not an issue of access to data, it's about having the resources to properly utilize that data — global CPG manufacturers employ armies of analysts to extract the insights required to command the markets, while smaller companies often scramble to derive impactful insights from their scan data.

At Bedrock, our mission is to make the extraction of insights and the telling of sales stories as easy as pie. Our platform can ingest your data and reveal several compelling stories with just a couple of clicks, right out of the box.

Download this Bedrock Infographic, "Three Data-Driven Stories for CPG Manufacturers," to see the three most common sales stories waiting to be told. Learn how they provide clear visibility into category and product performance, help identify gaps in distribution, and support the requirements of your retail buyers.