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Grow Market Share, Win Shelf Space 

A use case for emerging brands & data analytics 

For emerging brands in the red hot natural and organic food market, growth has a few distinct challenges, among them breaking into the big retail chains, and making sense of all the syndicated and retail portal data that comes with selling in those big retail channels.

For Prosperity Organics — known widely for its rapidly growing plant-based butter product, Melt — these growing pains began to take their toll as the company reached further into larger markets and started competing with bigger brands that have more SKUs and carried more weight with retail buyers.

"Most of our competitors have five, seven, even nine SKUs,” said Shige Toyoguchi, Prosperity’s National Director of Sales.“Some are billion-dollar brands. How do you compete against something of that size and with that kind of money?”

Download this Bedrock case study to learn how Prosperity Organics overcame these growing pains, captured more shelf space and opened new retail channels.