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A Survey of CPG Professionals about Their Use of Big Data

From emerging brands to global powerhouses, we found a lot of consistency in how brands do, and don't, utilize their data. 

There is virtually no area of modern business that is not becoming increasingly dependent on data, and the CPG sector is certainly not immune to this trend.

The rapid growth of emerging brands vying for market share against each other, as well as against the established giants of the industry, is driving increased reliance on the scan data available from syndicators and retail portals.

As CPG data nerds, we were naturally curious about if, and how CPG professionals are using the data at their disposal. So we surveyed a selection of CPG professionals, and build our survey results into this handy and illuminating infographic.

Download this "The State of Big Data in CPG" infographic to learn...

  • What percentage of CPG brands are buying data 
  • How much CPG brands spend on data, and how they use their data
  • How CPG professionals rate themselves and their companies when it comes to utilization of data