Achieve the Visibility, Stability & Agility Required to Scale Strong CPG Brands

The Data Visibility You Need to Grow

CPG founders and executives are focused on the growth of their companies at the highest levels, which means making key business decisions about product and market expansion, brand and sales strategy, and fund-raising — all of which require data for successful execution.

Anything less than full visibility into your business could lead you quickly down the wrong path.

The Bedrock Analytics platform provides varies levels of perspective into your brand…

  • Deep dives into your scan & retail data, via easy-to-read visualizations
  • High-altitude executive summaries of sales performance generated by AI, and delivered in plain English 
  • Presentation-ready decks that your sales managers can export within 10 seconds

Bedrock ensures a level of data visibility that keeps you in the know, so you can make the right decisions for your business, at the right time.    

Increase Sales & Market Share Without an army of Consultants

Finding efficiency as your business scales can be a serious challenge. Overstaffing can substantially increase your investment burn, even cutting into revenue as you grow sales. Understaffing can burn out employees, and cause them to get sloppy from being overloaded.

Bedrock makes your team more efficient than ever by supercharging their abilities...

  • Automating the time-consuming data processing and standard reporting tasks
  • Uncovering the key insights and anomalies hidden within your data, often missed by the human eye
  • Turning massive spreadsheets into easy-to-understand visualizations that show the health of your business in no uncertain terms.

Make your category management team more efficient than ever, and give your sales team the basic analytical chops and automatically updated reporting they need to be agile in the field.

Employees Come and Go, Your Business Intelligence Should Stay Put

Scan data is delivered and often maintained Excel or Tableau, which are either stored locally on office networks, on the computers of individual employees, or offsite with brokers or contract analysts. This creates huge potential for data leakage, or even total loss.

Bedrock exists in the cloud, where your data remains regardless of employee turnover, contractor rotation or broker changes — and can be accessed from a central location and shared among teammates — maintaining important tribal knowledge, in-house.

Purpose Built for CPGs

Bedrock was founded by data savvy CPG leaders. We know that you need a powerful and flexible insights tool that can scale with your business and keep you in the driver's seat.