Be the Data Hero with Bedrock's Leading CPG Analytics Solution

Automate repetitive tasks so you can focus on the insights & opportunities that impact growth.

It's no secret that nearly every function of a CPG company relies on category managers to measure and report on business performance. But these unsung heroes are often armed with little more than Excel to get lots of big jobs done.

Having enough data is never the problem. The challenge is having the time and bandwidth to dig into all the data available, extract meaningful insights, and report on impact and opportunities — all while handling reporting requests from every department across the organization. It burns us out just thinking about everything a CPG analyst is responsible for. 

We created Bedrock Analytics to provide category managers with the tool they need to automate repetitive tasks and basic reporting, and streamline access to the insights and strategies that drive growth.

Make a Stand, and Take Control of Your Data

Every month, you get your data refresh from multiple sources — syndicated subscriptions and retail portal downloads that create a mountain of information across several spreadsheets. It comes from different systems that don't communicate with each other, delivered to you with dissimilar formatting, varying data values and nonstandard naming conventions.

Bedrock closes the gaps in your CPG data, bringing those disparate data sources together onto a single screen, and automating the repetitive monthly reporting tasks that can burn long hours with short returns. Instead of performing time-consuming data gymnastics across multiple Excel files, or dealing with the restrictions of limited, complicated, and unintuitive proprietary software, put all the data you own into Bedrock, and see all the angles from one vantage point. 

  • Dig into performance across markets and channels, find hidden opportunities, and see looming threats before they become real problems.
  • Easily report to the various functions across your company's entire business org, with insights specifically suited to the varying requirements of executives, and brand and sales teams.
  • Handle ad hoc reporting requests quickly and easily without losing the precious time you can use to find the insights and build the reports that really drive the business.

Purpose Built for CPGs

Bedrock was founded by CPG analysts. We know that you need a powerful and flexible insights tool that meets your needs, and can keep up with and enhance your skills.

Our mission is to make category managers more efficient by automating repetitive tasks and taking the pain out of ad hoc reporting — ultimately allowing you to focus on producing the powerful insights that propel your companies' growth.

Bedrock Analytics gives CPG analysts superpowers, making them better, faster and stronger. Be the data hero, with Bedrock.