3 Ways CPG Manufacturers Can Use AI

Maximize your efficiency by using AI to process and analyze mountains of data, and handle repetitive tasks.

CPG is a multi-trillion-dollar industry that generates so much sales data, even the most capable and experienced CPG category managers and salespeople are easily overwhelmed by all the information that's contained in their scan data. 

It's not uncommon to get bogged down with the repetitive tasks that go into monthly reporting, fulfilling ad hoc data requests, and building several versions of sales decks for different retail buyers. 

More importantly, the sheer volume of data makes it easy to miss outliers and anomalies — often important, early signals of opportunities or threats — within the data.

Download this Bedrock infographic, "3 Ways CPG Manufacturers Can Use AI," to see the most common ways AI is used by agile modern CPG companies to manage data, and get ahead of their competition.